In this "DESIGN" section you'll find a selection of my different digital artworks, created recently but also a while ago.
Note that I often use my own paintings/drawings & photography to complete the digital creations.

"PROMOTION" gallery gathers posters/flyers done for events, business cards, promo posters.
Since I'm working with the artist Aziza Poggi for many years now, "AZIZA WORLD" has its full gallery. I work constantly for all her different projects and have quite a lot published already.
"BANDS" gallery gathers some artworks done for their albums/single cd, and logos.
And "PUBLICATIONS" will show printed works, magazines promotions, etc...

"BOOK" is about a special project realized in collaboration with the singer "Karolina Pacan", under the title "Once Upon a Poem". [2014/10/17]
The main idea was to illustrate the poems written by Karolina, but also to create a nice design for the cover and to find a good layout inside. This book was a huge project, and might be renewed asap.
At this level, "Once Upon a Poem" was sold all over the world. Many fans helped this project to see the light throught the campaign Indiegogo (thanks to all of them).
We still have some examplars available, if you are interested to buy a copy, please contact me at